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​Climbing Injuries: Have you made One Move Too Many?

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I’m off to the Steadman Clinic today, as I think I made one move too many. After having a surgery in 2011 on my right shoulder, I may have injured the left. Was I moving too many new books? The Shelf Road book, St. George Bouldering, and Favorite Hikes In and Around Zion all arrived in the same week. Combine the manual labor of moving those with my spring fever over climbing and I find myself unable to lift my arm.

Shoulder injuries aren’t only common among climbers my age, but among climbers in general. Dr. Volker Schoeffl’s One Move Too Many: How to understand the Injuries and Overuse Syndromes of Rock Climbing provides a great initial overview of climbing injuries, as well as PT exercises and training tips to help prevent them. My doctor in Vail, Tom Hackett, knows Volker and is familiar with his climber-specific studies. If you’re in an area short of climbing docs, this book can educate not only you but your doctor as well.

For a sample section on slap tears visit:


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