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Your Digital Guide to the Vertical World

Did you know that we include a free two-year subscription to our digital edition with 18 of our best-selling titles? 

Sharp End Publishing partners with LockLizard to deliver our digital guides to the device of your choice! We love print—of course, we’re a publisher—but we get it, climbing packs are heavy and there never seen to be enough room. 

Choose from our library of climbing, bouldering, canyoneering, and hiking guides, and access your guide without waiting for the mailman. 


How It Works 

  1. Place your guidebook or digital edition order. 18 of our best-selling titles include a free two-year subscription to our digital edition (see product description for details). 
  2. Your license should arrive within 48 hours. The license will be sent to the email you provided at check out. 
  3. Download the digital edition from our digital library here. 
  4. Download and install LockLizard, the PDC Viewer, on the device of your choice: 

    Android Users | Android Video Instruction
    iOS Users | iOS Video Instruction

    Please note that our digital editions are licensed for two devices per individual. Additional licenses can be purchased here. 

  5. Open your license on the LockLizard app.
  6. Open your digital edition on the LockLizard app and enjoy! 


Common Troubleshooting Tips

  1. If you suddenly lost access to a digital edition you’ve been using for over two years, your license may have expired. You can purchase a 2-year renewal or lifetime renewal. 
  2. Licenses and digital editions are not the same. They must be downloaded separately. The license gives your device permission to open the digital edition. 
  3. LockLizard cannot verify devices that don't have an allocated IP address, so you may need to log off of shared computers.



Got feedback on how our digital editions worked for you? You can reach our office and customer support representatives by phone or by email.