Posted by Fred Knapp on 13th Sep 2017


I’ve been publishing guidebooks for 20 years, and have certainly published a few errors over that time. It recently came to my attention, however, that the new Rick Thompson’s Shelf Road Rock contained an error on the numbering of two dozen routes in Sand Gulch. To say I’m embarrassed is an understatement. Sadly, this book came about before we hired a new editor who is not only an avid climber, but has 16 years experience as the editor of a geologic journal. Melissa has edited the 2017 edition of High on Moab and the upcoming Flatirons guide. In addition to a way with words, she has a keen eye for minutia.

The next step, though, is how Sharp End can make reparations. I certainly don’t want to see hundreds of confused climbers jumping on the wrong routes (though in some instances, this might lead to incredible onsights).

A quick fix can be found here: We will also be offering free bookmarks with the corrected images that can be applied to the faulty pages. In addition, we’ll send book owners a 5-year subscription to the Digital Edition. (You’ll need to send us a clipping from the last page of the book as a proof of purchase. If you’d like bookmarks sent ASAP, please send an email to And if you know of other corrections, send them there.

I’ll be at Shelf on Sunday, double-checking the crags and may have some temporary stickers while the new ones are printing. If you see me, shout out and I’ll get you some.

Look for the corrected edition on the shelves shortly.