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Pro Program

Thank you for your interest in the Sharp End Publishing Pro Purchasing Program. If you're a professional in the climbing industry, you might qualify for the Sharp End Publishing Pro Program, granting you access to exclusive discounts and promotions.

This program is designed for qualified, full-time climbing professionals and Sharp End partners. While an application for membership is required, please note that approval is not guaranteed and membership can be revoked at any time. To apply, please fill out the form below and include proof of employment. Pro member purchases are intended for personal use only.



  • Climbing Gym Employee 
  • Rock Guide
  • Hiking Guide
  • Non-Profit Partners 
  • Media Partners
  • Advertising Partners
  • Climbing Coach or Instructor
  • Others: unsure if your credentials fit our Pro Program? Email us! 


By applying for the pro program, you acknowledge the following:

  • Approval and renewal of your application are not guaranteed.
  • Membership can be revoked at any time and will be suspended if pro guidelines are violated.
  • Discounts and pro status are subject to change at any time.
  • Pro members may only make purchases for themselves (unless otherwise specified in a sale or promotional event). Purchasing for others may result in account suspension.
  • No refunds or returns
  • Shipping addresses must be your place of work within U.S. territories.
  • We cannot ship to foreign or freight forwarding addresses.


Questions regarding our Pro Program can be sent to:

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