New York Bouldering (Dinged/Damaged)

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***Dinged/Damaged books have slight irregularities such as dinged corner or misaligned binding***

By: Gaz Leah

New York City is best known for its yellow cabs, retail stores, and phenomenal skyline. It's a city full of coffee culture, alternative fashion, and rock climbing. This lesser-known fact may come as a surprise to most who have yet to explore the hidden landscapes beneath the city's veil of steel and concrete. These unique boulders are steeped in history and offer a climbing experience like nowhere else in the world!

This guide includes:

  • Central Park
  • Morningside Park
  • St Nicholas Park
  • High Bridge Park
  • Loony Bin Boulder
  • Fort Tryon
  • Inwood Park.

NYC Bouldering includes a free 2-year subscription to the digital edition (you will receive a link and a license within 48 hours). More details here