2022 Gift Guide for Climbers & Adventurers

2022 Gift Guide for Climbers & Adventurers

21st Nov 2022

What do you gift a rock climber, adventurer, hiker, or canyoneer for the holidays? The gift of adventure, duh! Gift experiences, not things! We’re breaking down our top picks to help you treat yourself and your loved one to a grand adventure.

Remember, no one throws away a guidebook, everyone has a guidebook collection.


You just can’t go wrong with these!

Vertical Mind | Don McGrath & Jeff Elison

The rock climber's textbook to the psychological approach for optimal rock climbing. Climb better and have more fun. McGrath & Elison teach how the latest research in brain science and psychology can help you retrain your mind and body for higher levels of rock climbing performance, while also demonstrating how to train and overcome fears and anxiety that hold you back. Finally, they teach climbing partners how to engage in co-creative coaching and help each other improve as climbers.

Mount Evans Bouldering | Jamie Emerson

Did you know Jamie Emerson’s first edition of the guide was once listed for $929.99 on Amazon? And not even for a new copy, the steep price only got you a second-hand copy! True story, people go to crazy lengths to get their hands on the coveted, out-of-print guidebooks.

Out of print since 2019, the updated Mount Evans Bouldering Guide is finally here. This book smashed our records—for good reason. America’s best alpine bouldering is tucked amongst the imposing peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains.

Creek Freak, Indian Creek Climbs | Karl Kelley

Indian Creek is home to the best crack climbing in the US, maybe the world. This Karl Kelley's guidebook includes 2,000 routes at this sandstone paradise, of which he has climbed 1,300 himself. The author has likely spent more time in Indian Creek than any other climber; he can be spotted at crags, checking route beta, chatting with travelers, picking up trash, and offering advice. There is no better climber to guide you through Indian Creek than Karl.

Staff Picks

From the folks behind the scenes, core climbers who know the ins and outs of every Sharp End guide and the adventures they bring.

"It's the best climbing in the world, I swear I'm not bias. Go experience it yourself." — Aidan, Graphic Designer & Editor

"There are dry canyons for the winter. Get out there, now!" — Fred, Sharp End Founder

"There is something for everyone at Shelf Road." — Melissa, Editor

"Gift someone special with an autographed copy of award-winning book Desert Towers and they'll love you forever, trust me." — Holly, Marketing Manager

Gifts Under $30

Blow their minds without breaking your wallet. 

Welcome to True Grit, the long-awaited rock climbers’ guide to Coopers Rock State Forest in northern West Virginia. Sharp End Publishing has worked with longtime climbing activist Rick Thompson, whose history at Coopers Rock goes back to 1976, to produce this impressive tome of roped rock climbs. This edition features over 400 routes scattered through a remarkable forest setting strewn with sandstone boulders and crags. This is the preeminent guide to Coopers Rock and reveals the personality of the routes through artistic, entertaining route descriptions, detailed maps, long-overlooked historical first-ascent information, and action shots galore.

This is the most complete guide ever published for Coopers Rock and will lead you to countless, incredible days of rock climbing in this magical sandstone paradise.

The Black Hills in Western South Dakota is one of North America¿s premier limestone sport-climbing areas. Well protected routes on bomber, blue & tan limestone makes for spectacular climbing. From the pocket paradise of Spearfish Canyon with routes on vertical to slightly overhanging rock, to The VC with its forearm-blasting, knee-bar-scumming steep headwalls, the diversity of the climbing here is smorgasbord of styles. This first edition describes over 700 climbs at Spearfish Canyon, The VC, Bethlehem, and Falling Rock.